Small Business

Small business owners face unique challenges that are best served by attorneys with practical, hands on experience in organizing and maintaining small business health. For three decades the attorneys of Cloutier Conley & Duffett have helped Southern Maine businesses succeed and grow in every type of business and economic environment.

Attorney James Cloutier leads the group who serve small businesses with advice and legal representation in business formation, financing, licensing and permitting, leasing and asset acquisition and contracting.

The success of a small business is frequently based on personnel and business practices, proper financial management and planning, compliance with numerous federal, and state and local regulations affecting operations. Cloutier Conley & Duffett will help you manage your financial representation.

In some circumstances, bankruptcy is the best alternative in order to create the "Fresh Start" and to rejuvenate a business or personal financial situation. The bankruptcy laws are complex and Cloutier Conley & Duffett attorneys regularly assist clients in evaluating whether to resort to bankruptcy as part of a plan to improve their personal or business financial future.

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