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Providing Comprehensive Family Law Services

How important is your family to you? When going through a divorce, separation, or other family dispute, it can feel as if your entire world is crumbling. At Cloutier, Conley & Duffett PA, we will help you pick up the pieces.

A Helping Hand During Difficult Times

Family law disputes can be some of the most difficult times in your life. Our attorneys are here to help you through.

Located in Portland, our firm provides comprehensive family law services to individuals in southern Maine. Led by attorney Amber Collins, our family law team handles a wide variety of family law issues, including:

Focused On Solutions, Not Fights

During divorce and custody disputes, emotions often run high. It’s easy for a dispute to erupt into full-blown litigation. At Cloutier, Conley & Duffett PA, our lawyers aren’t focused on fighting; we are focused on solutions.

When handling family law disputes, our goal is to reduce the time, stress and cost of the proceedings. We search for the best, most efficient solution. Oftentimes, that can be achieved through negotiation and settlement. Other times, it’s necessary to litigate.

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If you are going through divorce or have another family law matter, we can help. Our attorneys will sit down with you, discuss your situation in detail, and explain your legal rights and options — all in a free consultation. Call us today or contact us online to get started.