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Defending Against OUI / DUI Charges

If you had too much to drink and got behind the wheel, you are not alone. Everyone makes mistakes.

At Cloutier, Conley & Duffett PA, we have more than 30 years of experience defending people like you against drunk driving charges. We are committed to your defense.

If I Was Above The Limit, I Should Plead Guilty, Right? Wrong.

After being charged with operating under the influence (OUI), many people feel as if they have no options — especially if a breathalyzer or blood test showed they were above the legal limit. They plead guilty, pay the fine, apply for a conditional driver’s license and hope they don’t go to jail.

This is a mistake. There is always a way to defend against OUI charges. At Cloutier, Conley & Duffett PA, we can help.

Neale Duffett is a former Deputy District Attorney for Cumberland County and an outstanding criminal defense attorney. During his time as a prosecutor, Neale handled many OUI cases. Jerry Conley has skillfully defended OUI cases for over 30 years and has a tremendous reputation in the community. Our experienced attorneys know the defense strategies that work and those that don’t. There are many alternatives available to those charged with driving under the influence, especially if this is your first offense.

Penalties Of An OUI / DUI Conviction

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are serious, and long-reaching — even if this is your first offense.

Soon after your arrest, your driver’s license may be suspended. If convicted, that suspension will last 150 days — at a minimum. You will be charged a stiff fine, and if there are any aggravating factors — such as a blood alcohol level over .15 or an accident — you could go to jail.

For every subsequent OUI charge, the penalties get even steeper. If this is your second or third offense, and you are convicted, you will go to jail and lose your license for years.

Remember, in addition to large fines and a suspended license, an OUI conviction will cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket.

The best way to avoid these penalties is to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Don’t Wait To Get Legal Help

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